An explainer video describes your research or project in simple terms that anyone can understand. Explainer videos are useful to convey ideas to potential partners, funders or a general audience. They are 60-90 seconds in length, suitable for sharing on social media or embedding on websites. 



We follow international student Sahra prepare for her day, while the rest of campus wakes up after a long slumber.

Concept development, filming, project management and editing.


Featuring an interview, supplied b-roll footage and animated graphics, this short video explains an exciting new project which will help mitigate climate change.

Concept, interview shoot, editing and animation.


Follow a group of students while they work together to create a holiday wreath for campus.

Concept development, filming and editing.


Coach Ali explains protocols for keeping young players safe on the hockey field.

Walk and talk shoot, editing and text overlays.


Laura wanted a new promotional video – one that showed her artistic process in an organic and beautiful way. We shot the video in a few hours while Laura painted in a bright heritage space downtown.

Concept, filming and editing.


For the launch of a new blockchain currency venture, we shot on location at Iovia creative headquarters on beautiful Saltspring Island. The client provided a voiceover and we added a music track for ambience.

Filming and editing.


No need to feel intimidated about your video project. Below are some tips on how to be best prepared for great results.

STEP ONE: Creative brief

Fill out a creative brief to outline the scope of the project, the goals, target audience and key message. Planning at this stage is key to focussing your vision and ensure you have a clear goal in mind for your video.

STEP TWO: Prepare script / outline

Regardless of whether you have actors in your video or not; you still need to plan a script or rough outline of the different shots you will require, the locations you’d like to appear in your video, and the desired length of the finished product.

STEP THREE: Shooting

This is the fun (or scary!) part of the production. The shoot may take just a few hours; it may span over a few days, depending on the number of locations and the complexity of your outline. It’s important to have the shoot well-planned out to save time and frustration. Sometimes the shoot may be weather dependent so it’s important to remain flexible.

STEP FOUR: Editing

Personally my favourite part, this is where the real magic happens. We take the great footage we just shot and edit it down to a concise, engaging video which reflects the original goals as laid out in step one.

STEP FIVE: Revisions and approvals

There is usually some back and forth at this stage. We edit what’s called a ‘rough cut’ and then work together to fine-tune the video so you’re happy with the final product.

STEP SIX: Share!

Now our creation is ready for the big wide world! Share your video on your social media channels, embed on your website and just show off. It’s your time to shine!


If you have a vision for a video, please reach out to us. We offer a no-obligation consultation so you can take the first step towards making your vision a reality.